Lesson 2: Creating and Testing a Project

Now we need to make sure everything is running as it should.  To begin with, we create a new Cordova project.  Note that this generates a folder and a bunch of files and sub-folders and wherever you are located on your PC (within Git Bash) is where they will be generated.  Your standard windows command prompt commands are not welcome here, you need to use some others to find your way around.  I strongly recommend Googling to find out more, but the ones you’ll definitely need here are:

  • “ls” lists the contents of the directory you are in
  • “cd ..” goes up/out one folder, as does “cd /”

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Lesson 1: Setting Up Ionic / The Development Environment

Initially I will be tackling just the Android side of working with Ionic but from what I can see, in practice there is little difference as far as what you do with Ionic between that and iOS.  However you should bear in mind that I am following all the below steps on a device running Windows 10, so if you are a OSX user this guide may not be as useful to you as Windows users.
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Mobile App Development Guide – Intro

Disclaimer:I am following this guide provided by Ionic. Naturally, I will be replicating their instructions. I do not want to nor mean to make claim to the fundamental ideas and structure established in their guide, but rather expand upon them to describe issues that I faced, and how I overcame them. I am also hoping these posts function as another layer of clarity, clarifyingupon their instructions to help those that need assistance understand things a little better.


The main aim of this is to simply document the process, but hopefully it’ll help someone who gets stuck following the same path and stumbles across these articles.

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