Updating & Securing Your CMS

Your content management system will automatically action all minor updates, however there are two scenarios where you need to initiate updates manually.

  • When there is a major update to the CMS core version
  • When plugins need updating

It’s important that you carry out these updates as soon as you are aware of them as they can include critical security patches/updates. However doing so is as simple as clicking a few check boxes and pressing a button. The system should email you when new updates are pending for either WordPress itself or for any of the plugins, however we recommended that you check at least once a week to ensure that you have not missed anything.


It is rare, but when carrying out these updates there is a small chance that doing so could stop a part of the site operating as it should. You almost certainly will not hit any issues but in case you do we recommend that you back-up the site before carrying out any manual updates. This is just a case of clicking a button:

  • Login to your CMS if not already
  • On the left menu, select “Tools” and then “Backups” from the sub-menu
  • Click on “Complete Weekly” and then click “Run now”
  • This will backup your entire site. When done a new entry will appear in the list of backups below.


You can check if there are updates, and action them by following these steps:

  • Login to your CMS if not already
  • Look at the top next to your site name and the house icon, if there are any updates you will see a circle made of two arrows with a number next to it (denoting the amount of updates pending). If you see this, click on it.
  • At the top you will be notified of any major WordPress core updates, simply click the “Update” button and allow it to process the upgrade. If it says “You have the latest version…” then you are already up to date.
  • Underneath that you will see a heading “Plugins”, and underneath there will be a list of plugins (if any) that have updates available with check boxes next to each. Click the “Select all” checkbox at the top of this list and then click “Update Plugins”. WordPress will work through each plugin and update them one by one.
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