Managing Product Categories

The following guide explains how to add, edit and otherwise manage the product categories/sub-categories within your online store and assumes you are already logged in.

  1. Navigate to the Products > Categories menu item on the left.
  2. You will be presented with two distinct areas, the left most side for adding a new category and the right side which will display all the current categories and sub-categories.  The sub-categories are always underneath their parent category and prefixed with a “-” sign.

Adding a Category:

  1. On the left side fill in the fields you are presented with.  These are:
    • Name: The name of the category
    • Slug: This is the text/string that will be used to construct the page URL.  For instance if you were to set this as “men-shorts” then the link to this category listing page would be something like However, you do not need to put anything here as if you leave it blank the store will create its own based on the previously supplied category name.
    • Parent: If this is a sub-category, select its parent category.  Note that the parent-category needs to already exist.
    • Description: If your store is designed to display category descriptions then it will use the text you provide here.  Note that when you edit a category (see the section below) you will have a full editor with options for text formatting etc.  So you may prefer to wait until you have added the category and then edit it to set it’s description.
    • Display type:
      • Standard: This will use the settings defined by us – we recommend you use this but you do not have to
      • Products: If you choose this option and the category you are creating contains sub-categories as well as products (either within those sub-categories and/or directly within it at the same level as the sub-categories), when a user navigates to this category listing page it will just show the products contained within it, or its sub-categories.  It will not show the sub-categories.
      • Subcategories: Similar to the above but it will only show the sub-categories.  So if you were to add products and sub-categories at the same  level within a parent category, it will not show them.  This is the standard/default setting of most our store setups and forces you to not include categories and products at the same level and instead only include products at the end of any category “branch”.
      • Both: This will show both the sub-categories and products at each level of the category branch, essentially not forcing the situation we try to above.
    • Thumbnail: This will be the image that represents the category.  You can click “Upload/Add Image” and either select an existing image or upload a new one.
  2. Click on “Add New Product Category” to add it to your store, it will then appear on the right side and you are free to edit it and set its order.

Editing a Category

  1. If you hover over any category name on the right side you will see options to edit, quick edit, delete or view the category.
  2. Edit will simply allow you to change all the category information you will have set when you added it, including a more detailed editor for the description.
  3. Quick edit will allow you to make some changes, its essentially a way to edit the main category info without having to load a new page.
  4. Delete will remove the category from the store completely.  Any products or sub-categories will remain bu will need re-assigning.
  5. View will take you to the front end / “customer view” for the category.
  6. You can also click the checkboxes that run down the side of each category and then use the “Bulk Actions” drop down to delete multiple categories at once.

Ordering Categories

  1. To order a category simply hover over the category so you see the icon that is a cross of arrows, click and hold then drag it to the new positions.
  2. Sub-categories cannot be dragged out of their parent, if you wish to move a sub-category out of its parent category that must be done by editing it above.
  3. If you move a parent category, it’s sub-categories will move with it.


  • You may see some other options when editing categories, such as those relating to SEO.  If you do, and have not already come across them in other guides of ours then you can leave them for now as they will be covered elsewhere.  Alternatively you can try searching for them within our Knowledgebase.
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