Setting “Out of Office” Messages

To set / create an “Out of Office” message for any email account, follow the steps below:

  1. Login with your client username/password combination here:  If you do not have your username and password please contact support.
  2. Click on “Manage Website” next to the website / domain name you wish to create the email account for.
  3. Click on the “Email Accounts” icon.
  4. With the “Existing email accounts” tab selected you will see the current accounts listed below.
  5. To the right of each is a button titled “Configure” under the heading “Out of Office“.  Click this.
  6. In the “Set away message for” drop down, select the account you want to set the message for.
  7. Tick the box to enable it, if you wish to do so right now.
  8. Enter the subject of the Out of Office email.
  9. Enter the message of the Out of Office email.

Note that you can only set text based message, not include images/links etc.

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