NHS Website for Talk Together Bromley

We recently completed the patient-facing website for a new NHS therapy service based in the London Borough of Bromley. Given the nature of the service and it’s purpose, as well as the ties to the NHS itself we had to ensure that the site was not only accessible, simple to navigate and easy to read but also that existing NHS branding guidelines were followed. The end result is a very clean, modern and functional information hub that not only clearly explains how this service can help but also includes a rich content management system – ensuring everything is kept up to date and accurate. Off the back of the success of this project we’re already undertaking our second contract for this client.


This website was created under the remit of our standard websites pricing tariff.  If you would like to discuss your website design project with us please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Vertically Center Placeholder Text iOS / Safari

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The following code fixes some of the bad behaviour express by iOS / Safari when trying to vertically centre placeholder text in iOS / Safari.


New Website Launch | Letscando

We were approached by Letscando to revitalise their online presence in anticipation of some major advances within the business.  We took into account existing branding requirements and created new concepts with a flat, icon heavy modern look utilising powerful hero images to creating impact on each page.  We also helped re-develop their online booking system, integrating a heavily customised WooCommerce installation to provide a secure and seamless way for their customers to select and pay for appointments.


This website was created under the remit of our eCommerce websites pricing tariff.

New Website Launch | JSD Solutions

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JSD Solutions approached us to re-design their existing site with main aim of improving the mobile experience, providing greater control via the content management system and modernising the overall aesthetic.  This has been achieved through the use of our mobile-first responsive framework, implementation of a heavily customised WordPress back-end, and the creation of a design driven by bold colours and  strong lines.


This website was created under the remit of our standard websites pricing tariff. 

New Website Launch | Sky Roofs

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We were recently tasked with the job of re-developing the website for Sky Roofs and Build and are pleased to announce it is now live.  The previous site was in need of modernisation both in terms of the aesthetics as well as the core code and the CMS driving it.  We’ve developed a site with a much stronger, cleaner look, vastly improved the mobile experience and deeply integrated WordPress to provide our client with extensive control over management of the site content.


This website was created under the remit of our standard websites pricing tariff. 

New Website Launch | A1 Team Wear

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We are pleased to announce the launch of our latest project for A1 Team Wear,  a long-time client of ours who came back to us for a refresh and change of purpose from an online shop to a more standard brochure site.  It relies on large stylish graphics for some initial impact, a theme that follows through the rest of the site with an emphasis on imagery to sell their services rather than being text-heavy. It’s fully content managed with support for unlimited new pages and galleries of any size and we are providing all supporting services such as email and web-hosting.


This website was created under the remit of our standard websites pricing tariff. 

Wave Accounting

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Wave is a free online service that helps you manage your invoicing, accounting and payroll. They’re targeting small to medium sized businesses with this offering and should provide pretty much everything you need to manage all these tasks yourself, in house.

Accountants Website


Highlights include:

  • Invoice creation and logging.  You can customise the layout of the invoices, add your logos and view a full historical reference of all current, paid and overdue invoices.
  • Optional integration with Stripe allows you to raise an invoice and automatically email it to your client with an embedded link for them to pay by credit/debit card online.  There are no ongoing fees for using stripe (commission per payment only) and a successful payment automatically updates the invoice as paid within Wave.  You can of course also manually record payments that are made via other methods such as bank transfer, cheque and PayPal etc.
  • Automatic reoccurring invoices.  With Wave you can set invoices to self-generate at intervals of your choice and auto-send to your clients, saving you time doing this manually and ensuring that they are raised at the right time.
  • Bank account sync.  Wave offers the ability for you to connect it to your bank account direct and sync all incoming and outgoing transactions recorded by your bank with Wave.  Wave will do its best to learn what the payments are for but you are free to amend and confirm them.
  • Reports. A multitude of reports are offered by Wave to help with your HMRC / tax returns as well as internal financial analysis.


This just scratches the surface of what is offered by Wave, if you employ staff there are also features to help you manage payroll and there is a service directory of recommended 3rd party companies that can assist with anything from tax advice to consulting.


Find out more at

Lesson 3: Constructing & Deploying App Code

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At this stage I feel it would be best for me to simply direct you to the Ionic startup guide for the test app code and instructions.  Their guide becomes very clear at this point so does a great job of leading you through the fundamental ideas of deploying your HTML, CSS and JS as an app. That guide can be found here.


Subsequent posts and guides will cover Angular alongside anything else I pick up on that I feel is important when creating hybrid apps through Ionic.

Lesson 2: Creating and Testing a Project

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Now we need to make sure everything is running as it should.  To begin with, we create a new Cordova project.  Note that this generates a folder and a bunch of files and sub-folders and wherever you are located on your PC (within Git Bash) is where they will be generated.  Your standard windows command prompt commands are not welcome here, you need to use some others to find your way around.  I strongly recommend Googling to find out more, but the ones you’ll definitely need here are:

  • “ls” lists the contents of the directory you are in
  • “cd ..” goes up/out one folder, as does “cd /”

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Lesson 1: Setting Up Ionic / The Development Environment

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Initially I will be tackling just the Android side of working with Ionic but from what I can see, in practice there is little difference as far as what you do with Ionic between that and iOS.  However you should bear in mind that I am following all the below steps on a device running Windows 10, so if you are a OSX user this guide may not be as useful to you as Windows users.
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